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Collaboration Security

We’re Collaboration and Email Security specialists and can help you secure your Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace deployments and train your staff how to use these tools securely.

Cloud Security Architecture

Our team of Cloud Security Architects are certified on the latest Microsoft and Google cloud technologies, and can design, deploy and secure your cloud infrastructure and applications running in Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform.

Endpoint Security

We offer a range of endpoint security solutions, including endpoint detection and response (EDR), unified endpoint management (UEM), vulnerability and patch management, and system hardening.

Security and Compliance Automation

We help transform businesses by moving them away from manual configuration of security tooling to adopting security automation, thereby enabling them to deploy security solutions and respond to threat events more quickly.

Defend Against Threats

Millions of connections happen every second between people, machines, apps, and devices to share and access data. These interactions create exciting opportunities for how we engage with technology and with each other, but they also create an ever-expanding attack surface with more and more vulnerabilities.

Staying on top of the rapidly-changing threat landscape is challenging, and many businesses have large gaps in security posture.

An integrated business security solution like Microsoft Defender works across multiple platforms and cloud environments.

Microsoft Defender provides comprehensive threat prevention, detection, and response capabilities across customers’ entire multi-platform, multi-cloud digital estate.

Begin your Microsoft Defender journey today

Compliance Doesn’t Have to be Boring

Managing compliance can be a beast – manual evidence collection, different pieces living in different areas, managing growing lists of policies and personnel….there has to be a better way.

We’re excited to introduce Drata – a compliance automation platform that is shaking up an industry that was due for disruption.

With an automation-first approach, their solution provides a layer of communication between siloed tech stacks and compliance controls so dozens of systems don’t need to be manually checked to achieve compliance.

The platform also alerts you of any gaps that surface in real-time so that they can be remediated so you won’t spend days or weeks being out of compliance and give you peace of mind knowing how audit-ready you are any day of the year.

Through our partnership with Drata, you can automate your compliance journey from start to audit-ready and beyond and provides support from the security and compliance experts who built it.

Learn how we can help you automate your compliance journey

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